Grief & Loss

grief counselor tustin ca, grief therapy tustin ca 92780Almost everyone has experienced some type of loss in their lives. With any loss, a person must have the chance to completely grieve that loss. Losses can include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce, Separation, or a Break-Up
  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Health for You or a Loved One
  • Loss of Safety
  • Identity Loss
  • Infertility
  • Moving
  • Retirement
  • Empty-Nesting

Unfortunately, most people were never taught how to deal with and process their grief. Because of this, many well-meaning family and friends will offer advice such as, "You have to move on", "You have to be strong", "Everything happens for a reason", and "You will feel better with each day". The problem with advice like this is that it doesn't allow the grievers the space to work through their grief. Many grievers feel absolutely overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions when they just think about their loss. Due to others' advice, they often feel that they should have better control over their feelings, so they try to hide their true feelings. And when grief is hidden and pushed away, it often turns into serious issues, such as depression and uncontrollable anger. Negative feelings stemming from the loss can creep into every aspect of your life.

Rachel's goal in working through grief is to create a safe space where grievers can express how they truly feel. Grievers can express their sadness, guilt, anger, fear, devastation, hope, and any other feeling that is stirred up by their loss. Grievers will be encouraged to think about what they would like to communicate with their object of loss in order to feel a sense of closure. Through processing their grief, people are empowered to actually recover from their losses and are able to think about and remember their loss without the impact of overwhelming feelings.

If you have suffered a loss, please don't wait to reach out for help. There is no timeline for starting the recovery process - it can begin right now.