Your Journey to Happiness Starts Here.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do
or where to turn to feel better. You've come to the
right place. Here is where your journey starts.

Free Your Mind From Anxious & Negative

Recognizing and changing your thought patterns
can make a huge impact on how you feel.

Find Peace Within Yourself

When life throws us curveballs, it's common to
feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and fearful
of ourselves. Learn ways to process your
experiences and find your inner peace.

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Rachel Benson, LCSW

Therapist Tustin CA 92780, Mental Health Therapist Tustin CA 92780Congratulations on taking the first step to seek help for the way you've been feeling! That is a hard first step to take, and it shows internal strength just being here! I am excited to assist you along this path.

This practice was founded on the knowledge that pain in people's lives can stem from a variety of sources, and if that pain goes unresolved, it can crop up in many unwanted places. It can affect relationships, work or school performance, the ability to set and reach goals, and personal happiness in general. It can cause anxious feelings so intense, that it impedes a person's ability to do anything at all. Negative and painful feelings can start to control your life - but you don't have to let them. While it may feel scary and really uncomfortable to think about looking at painful experiences, it is the key to releasing them so they no longer control you.

The approach I take with clients is a "whole picture" approach. We discuss what brings you into therapy and how it is affecting your life. We examine the "whole" you - your background, your culture, your family, your work, your health, etc., in order for me to gain an understanding of where you are coming from. We then talk about your goals for treatment - what do you want your life to be like? How do you want to feel? Then we make a plan to get there. I encourage you to call or text now to schedule an appointment so that we can start taking steps to creating your plan for healing.

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Prenatal & Postpartum

While pregnancy is an exciting time, it can also bring up feelings of stress, worry, and sadness.

Abuse & Trauma

Many people who were abused or neglected as children have a difficult time seeing themselves in a positive light and struggle to maintain healthy relationships as adults.


Everyone worries. But if you find that your worries are impacting your ability to complete your daily tasks and generally live your life, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.


If you are reading this, you most likely are in a relationship that could use some repair.


Depression is often visualized as a dark cloud following a person around, constantly hanging over them.

Grief & Loss

Almost everyone has experienced some type of loss in their lives. With any loss, a person must have the chance to completely grieve that loss.

Life Changes

It doesn't matter if a big change in your life was unexpected or planned, happy or sad, wanted or unwanted, or sudden or a long time coming.

Teens & Young Adults

High school and college-aged teens and young adults face so many challenges as they work toward becoming completely independent.

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