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The Ugly Green Monster Under Your Bed

“He gets to go to the office all day and have a REAL lunch break!....and coffee breaks! – I can’t even get a break to go to the bathroom!” “She gets to spend all day with our baby and gets to see all of our baby’s firsts! – I’m missing so much!” JEALOUSY – that…
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Introducing the Idea of Seeking Therapy to Someone You Care About

It’s so difficult to see someone you love and care about struggling.  Most times, all you want to do is to make them feel better, but you feel helpless to do so on your own.  Perhaps, deep down, you know that they would probably benefit from talking to a therapist, but you aren’t quite sure how to broach that topic.
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5 Tips for Better Communication

Over the years, many people have come to me for help with their relationships. Time and time again, the core issues in their relationships revolve around poor communication. Here are 5 tips to make sure that you are communicating clearly and effectively with those important to you: Nail down your main points BEFORE you communicate!…
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3 Tips for Decreasing Your Risk for Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Whether you are approaching your due date or already have your new baby, this is a must-read! About 80% of new moms experience a case of the "baby blues" following the birth of a child. These "blues" tend to go away within a few weeks. However, 20% of women (and men) experience postpartum depression and/or…
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What Exactly IS a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)?

During my initial conversations with clients, I often hear: "You are a social worker? But you are a therapist too? I don't really understand." So I thought I would explain a bit about what that "LCSW" after my name really means. First - yes - I am a social worker. Upon earning my Masters degree…
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