Jocelyn Miller

Jocelyn MillerJocelyn Miller is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#139756) under the supervision of Rachel Benson, LCSW (#75165). Jocelyn earned her Masters in Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. With compassion, curiosity, and love, she is passionate about helping people at all stages of life with anxiety, depression, navigating pregnancy and postpartum, past and present trauma, feeling stuck, lack of motivation, and anything else holding you back from being your authentic self.

Jocelyn believes the clients have the answers within them, and the safe space of therapy serves as the vehicle to change. The therapist is there to hold the client’s hand on this part of their life’s journey. She will walk beside you through the discomfort and joy.

Jocelyn’s background in ceramics and photography has trained her to be creative in the therapy space. Depending on what the client needs in the moment, she employs a variety of modalities and theories including narrative, somatic, guided meditations/visualizations, polyvagal breathwork, attachment, CBT, psychodynamic, DBT skills, and art therapy.

Therapy had a dramatic positive impact on the trajectory of Jocelyn’s life. Jocelyn believes our time on earth is precious.  This is why she is passionate about helping as many people as possible experience the benefits of therapy and a more fulfilling life. According to Jocelyn, the greatest gift as a therapist is witnessing a client gain freedom from the barriers holding them back from their best life.