Organizational Trainings

Are you looking for an engaging, interactive, and fun way to educate the employees of your organization? Look no further that Rachel!

Rachel has been facilitating trainings and Lunch & Learns for corporations since the early 2000’s when she worked in corporate sales. Since becoming a therapist in 2007, she has continued facilitating trainings for other organizations on a variety of life skills to help employees improve communication, manage stress, and make positive changes in their workplace and their lives. In 2019, she became a corporate trainer for Business Network International and continues to teach classes for that organization on a monthly basis. She brings fun to the learning process by including games and interactive exercises in all of her workshops.

Available workshops include:

  • Implicit Bias Training – Strategies for recognizing unconscious bias so you can be more fair and unbiased in the workplace
  • Communication in the Workplace & Beyond (Basic Level) – covers topics such as active listening, checking for understanding, clarity of message, and basic non-verbal communication.
  • Communication in the Workplace & Beyond (Advanced Level) – Learn to share critical feedback in a way that won't cause others to become defensive or shut down. Understand the importance of asking good questions to really understand what others are trying to communicate. Be able to better recognize others' emotions using non-verbal communication cues.
  • Becoming a Team Player – Strategies for encouraging staff to work as a team, handle conflicts among team members, and maximize team members’ strengths.
  • Stress Management/Self-Care – Tools to help employees manage stress at work and in their lives
  • Managing Change/Transitions – Change is hard!  This workshop provides tips and tools to cope with changes/transitions at work and in life.
  • Increasing Self-Awareness – Tools to for self-reflection on how you interact, how you contribute, how you are growing as a person/employee, and how you may be perceived by others.

When your organization selects a workshop, Rachel will meet with you (virtually) to discuss your goals for the workshop. She will then provide you with a customized outline of the activities and topics she will use to meet your specific goals.

Workshop Fees:

In person, 90-minute workshop: $650

Virtual, 90-minute workshop: $550

In person, 60-minute workshop: $550

Virtual, 60-minute workshop: $450