What is telehealth?

Telehealth is conducting therapy sessions using audio and video over the Internet, with your computer or smart phone, rather than meeting in person.

Why would I want to use telehealth?

There are many advantages to using telehealth.

  • Comfort & Safety
    • You can participate in telehealth therapy from the comfort of your home. You may find that being at home enables you to feel even more safe and comfortable to open up.
  • No Need for Childcare
    • When you have a baby or child to care for, securing childcare to get to therapy can be difficult. With telehealth, you are able to eliminate the need for childcare.
  • Time savings – No Travel Time
    • Perhaps you need to squeeze your therapy session in at your lunch break or between other commitments, and it doesn’t leave room for travel time. Utilizing telehealth, you can still participate in therapy and get back to the things you need to do on time.
  • I live here, but my therapist lives there!
    • A big advantage of telehealth is that it has allowed us to help more people beyond our local area. So if you live outside comfortable driving distance from our office, you can still take advantage of working with us.  (Telehealth is available for anyone in California and Massachusetts.)

Are there any disadvantages to using telehealth?

There are some disadvantages.  It can be hard to find a quiet, private place to have your session.  If this is the case, we can strategize together how to accomplish this.  For instance, I have conducted many telehealth sessions with clients in their cars!  Additionally, technological glitches like poor Internet connections can also sometimes happen.

A final note on Telehealth

Prior to the pandemic starting in 2020, I had been asked to provide telehealth services a few times, and I was reluctant.  I wasn’t sure it would be as effective.  However, the pandemic made it so I had no choice.  And what I discovered was that it works!  Wonderful therapeutic relationships have been built with my clients online, and my telehealth clients have made huge strides towards, and met, their goals.  I am now a firm believer that telehealth is a great option for those for whom in-person meetings are not possible.