Vision, Mission, & Core Values

Rachel Benson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Inc.


To empower all people to look inside themselves and make changes to better their lives.


  • To create a protected therapeutic space where people feel empowered to self-reflect on their past and present, make changes in their current negative thinking, harmful behaviors, and unhealthy relationships, and find happiness in living a meaningful life.
  • To create a team of therapists and staff who provide our clients with attentive, empathetic, and reflective partners in the exploration of their lives, through listening, meeting them where they are at, providing tools to move them forward, and helping to guide them on a path to feeling better.
  • To establish a cohesive team where team members feel cared for, included, motivated, recognized, and supplied with learning opportunities to grow and develop as professionals.


Compassion & Caring

Creating a judgment-free zone so that others' perspectives or situations can be appreciated and understood when they are different from our own. Genuinely caring about the other person’s needs and values and making them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Whole Person Approach

Understanding that every client has a unique background that makes them who they are today.  Actively seeking to discover and appreciate the “whole person” - including the biological, social, cultural, psychological, educational, economic, spiritual, and environmental influences on each person’s life.


Trust is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of another person.  We establish this trust through open and honest communication, treating each other with respect and without judgment, and being consistent in doing what we said we will do. We strive to establish positive, trusting relationships with all of our clients.


Building relationships where our clients feel comfortable to discover and discuss what they truly want out of life.  Helping clients identify their strengths and abilities and providing encouragement to reach their goals.  Incorporating the social work tenant of self-determination, we highlight that every client is free to make their own decisions and choices.

Healthy Boundaries

Setting and communicating healthy boundaries is essential for our health, well-being, and even our safety.  Maintaining boundaries gives people a sense of control over their time, body, feelings, and physical space.  Modeling healthy boundaries shows our clients the importance of respecting ourselves and our clients, and all people’s need for safety and protection.

Professional Duty

Professional duty is the commitment to provide competent and effective mental health therapy services to our clients.  This includes maintaining the confidentiality of our clients, and abiding by the code of ethics of our profession.