Couples Counseling Tustin CA, Couples Therapy Tustin CA 92780If you are reading this, you most likely are in a relationship that could use some repair. Perhaps you and your partner are having issues around intimacy, finances, trust, lack of teamwork, children, or other family members, and every time you try to talk about these things, your conversation escalates into a fight. Perhaps you've forgotten why you began this relationship in the first place. But if you are here, that means you have hope that you once again can have a healthy, joyful relationship. And you've come to the right place.

When Rachel works with couples in therapy, she concentrates on their patterns of communication and works to repair and improve these patterns.

In therapy, couples:

  • Learn to listen AND really hear each other
  • Learn skills to communicate in an assertive, non-judgmental way regarding their feelings and needs
  • Work on problem-solving together as a team
  • Discover what would make the biggest positive changes in their relationship and find ways to implement these changes

Don't spend another day wishing things will get better. Take the first step to make improvements in your relationship by making an appointment with Rachel today.