Prenatal & Postpartum

postpartum clinician tustin ca, postpartum counseling tustin, postpartum depression tustin, postpartum expert tustin ca 92780THERAPY DURING PREGNANCY

While pregnancy is an exciting time, it can also bring up feelings of stress, worry, and sadness. Anxiety regarding baby's health, the upcoming birth, financial strains, body changes, and more, can affect mom's, dad's, and even baby's well-being. Past traumatic events that have not been worked through can sometimes cause complications and delays during the birth itself.

Rachel creates a safe, judgment-free space where all these feelings can be uncovered, examined, and processed so they no longer impede your pregnancy and birth experiences.


Did you know that 80% of women experience the "baby blues" for the first couple of weeks after having their babies Even more eye-opening - approximately 20% of women AND men experience postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety after their babies arrive. While friends and families expect new parents to be basking in the joy of their new baby, many parents feel overwhelmed, out-of-control, hopeless, and extremely guilty for not "loving every minute" of their new roles. These postpartum conditions can crop up anytime within the first YEAR after having a baby, and they can persist for many months and even years if gone untreated. This is where therapy can really help.

Therapy gives a new parent space to be cared for, heard, and encouraged during this very challenging time. Therapy reduces negative thoughts and feelings by validating a new parent's reality and giving them ways to change their negative thoughts into realistic positive ones.


In addition to individual counseling for prenatal and postpartum clients, Rachel also facilitates a complimentary monthly support group for postpartum moms, called Beyond Birth, on the first Thursday of every month at 10:00am Pacific Time. Additionally, weekly support groups are held throughout the year for a nominal fee. Please contact Rachel at 714-468-3685 or if you are interested in participating in any of the postpartum support groups.

Postpartum Support Groups