Postpartum Support Groups

Being the parent of a new baby can feel very lonely. Joining a group is the perfect way to build your mom community and talk about the experiences and feelings you have as a new mother.

Weekly Series Option: Throughout the year, our practice facilitates postpartum support group series that last from 6-8 weeks at a time.  These are closed groups, meaning that you sign up to attend the entire series.  This ensures that strong relationships are built among group members and there is consistency in the group makeup.

Difficult Pregnancy Group (for California moms)

Join other moms-to-be whose pregnancies have been challenging, and let’s face it…sometimes miserable!

  • Discussion topics may include:
    • The guilt, shame, and sadness you may be feeling for not loving it
    • Fears around how a hard pregnancy could impact bonding w/ baby
    • The lack of understanding you may feel from those around you
    • Anxiety around your own physical and mental well-being
  • Location: Virtual on Zoom
  • Dates: June - August
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays 5:30 pm
  • Series Fee: $275

My Birth Didn’t Go As Planned Group (for California moms)

Are You Haunted By Your Birth Experience? Feeling sadness, anger, or fear when remembering it? You don’t need to work through your feelings alone.

  • Discussion topics may include:
    • Feelings around your body “betraying” you
    • Feeling bullied or neglected by care providers.
    • Disappointment over the way you met your baby
  • Location: Virtual on Zoom
  • Dates: June - August
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays 10:00 am
  • Series Fee: $275


Weekly Drop In Option: One of our clinicians will be available weekly for any mom who is not ready to commit to a series, but would like to check in with a group setting.  These are drop in groups, meaning that you sign up to attend by session. This means that the attendees may change weekly.

Postpartum Support Group (for California moms)

Get a big dose of mama love! Surround yourself with other moms with babies who can totally relate!

  • Discussion topics may include:
    • Figuring out your new identity
    • The impact of baby on relationship dynamics
    • Navigating the roller coaster of emotions
    • Finding time and energy for self-care
  • Location: Virtual on Zoom
  • Dates: ongoing starting June
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays 11:00 am
  • Series Fee: $35/session or $100/month

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